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Did you know that many marketers consider blogging to be a big part of their content strategy? "Oh My Word! is Ashley Jones' marketing blog, where she talks about the importance of content, strategy and much more.
Marketing Podcasts
Ashley is a guest speaker on "The Endless Coffee Cup." Topics include search engine marketing, optimization and anything that will help marketers and business owners navigate digital.
Marketing Webinars
Missed a webinar? Don't worry about it. You can always listen to a recording. These webinars talk about what to look for as you build out your strategies, along with some key trends happening within the marketing industry.
Learn about search engine optimization and why it's more important than ever to understand the basics in order to market to your audience.
Learn about search engine marketing and what goes into creating excellent campaigns that will help you to generate leads and revenue.
Learn about inbound marketing and why it's a strategic approach to creating quality content to meet your audience with where they are at in the buyer's journey.

It's important to keep learning as a marketer in today's world. Technology develops and new roles are needed to help a marketing team analyze data and to target an audience. In order for marketers to be consistent in every deliverable, they need to understand all the digital channels. These how-to documents will help you to gain the knowledge for developing your mind in a fast-paced world where skills are constantly evolving.


With emerging technologies, marketers are going to need to get creative with how they are targeting their audiences. There are more choices in terms of marketing channels. There is also more competition from unexpected sources as the web opens the doors to new companies using the same keywords. While there is still access to traditional tools, there are even more tools to utilize, such as artificial intelligence. But staying on top of all the technology trends while still getting heard requires a certain kind of marketer.

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