What Marketing Looks Like in 2019

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming marketing. You’ll see what marketing looks like in 2019 by exploring the increases in personalization and the art of storytelling. Predictive behavior is becoming mainstream, and marketers need to incorporate different skills as the year progresses. From Google’s RankBrain technology to the modern-day funnel, you’ll see why it’s more important than ever to provide valuable content to your audience.


  • Predictive Behavior is Becoming Mainstream
  • The Art of Storytelling is Essential
  • AI is Only Going to Increase in Personalization

Expectations are higher than before, so it’s imperative to deliver relevant, useful and assistive experiences to your audience. This webinar provides insights into technology and messaging to help you to market smarter in 2019.


This e-book talks about how personalized and on-demand responses are necessary to reach a target audience. By using individualized content through the collection of data and analysis, a company will be able to market smarter by developing relationships with their audience where they are at in the buyer’s journey. The world of marketing and communications has evolved. In order to bring a consistent brand message to your audience, an integrated and systematic approach is essential.