The Evolution of Marketing E-Book

E-Book: The Evolution of Marketing and Communications

The evolution of marketing and communications has changed tremendously because of the digital revolution. With the increase in providing relevancy to a demanding audience, there is a need to update skills and understanding in the workplace. Companies need to evolve and connect with their audience on a personal level.

  • How journalism immerges into brand storytelling
  • Why the traditional marketing funnel is gone
  • How marketers can create content by the buyer’s journey
  • Why there is a need to acquire new skills
  • What the new marketing communications model looks like for leaders
  • Why an integrated approach is essential

Personalized and on-demand responses are necessary to reach a target audience. By using individualized content through the collection of data and analysis, a company will be able to market smarter by developing relationships with their audience where they are at in the buyer’s journey.

Marketing and communications need to come together and understand how the web works in order to do this. From search engine optimization to the conversion funnel, both need to understand how the robots work and how a company’s website is the hub.

The website is now the foundation of a solid marketing and communications strategy, which will include a multi-channel approach for targeting an audience on and offline. By incorporating integration, a company can take that multi-channel approach to the next level, where all forms of content and messages are carefully linked together to tell the brand’s story.

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