Improving Virtual Collaboration

It’s hard to run business as usual in the middle of a crisis. Learn how to build positivity, morale and business during this time. This webinar discusses the basics when working from home and how to build collaboration with your team. While the sales funnel has changes, you’ll learn how to navigate them in this online environment.


  • How to build team morale and positivity virtually.
  • How to market online with the changes in algorithms and human behavior.
  • How to not ignore the human element while meeting the needs of the search engine robots.
  • How to evaluate your current marketing efforts.
  • How to focus and make changes for the future.

This e-book talks about how personalized and on-demand responses are necessary to reach a target audience. By using individualized content through the collection of data and analysis, a company will be able to market smarter by developing relationships with their audience where they are at in the buyer’s journey. The world of marketing and communications has evolved. In order to bring a consistent brand message to your audience, an integrated and systematic approach is essential.

The Evolution of Marketing E-Book