Webinars are an important part of any successful B2B lead generation formula. In fact, 61 percent of B2B marketers rate webinar marketing as the most effective content marketing tactic. Brands can build their authority within the industry by talking about solution-based and trend-related topics.

The ways to measure a webinar’s effectiveness is with registrations, live attendance and post event downloads. By leveraging your social media following to promote your webinar, you’ll be able to diversify its attendance.


Facebook has event pages, where you can build some hype around your webinar. Create an event and invite your following to attend. Since Facebook allows you to publish a landing page of the webinar, you can utilize that to send followers. Just add the landing page instead of the place when you create the event.

I believe in making the event public, because I’m not going to turn down the possibility to communicate to a new lead. However, there are times where you’ll want to make the event private. It’s just going to depend on your business objectives for having the webinar.


Most people use the internet as a way to find solutions to their questions. However, social media is a little different because it’s for being social. Therefore, you’ll really want to evaluate the channel to see what kind of advertisements you should have for promoting your webinar.

LinkedIn is an obvious one. Most professionals would welcome a webinar that will help them to do their job. However, Facebook is a little different. You’ll want to make those ads fun by creating some hype. Maybe offer a prize to the 50th registrant. Whatever you do just keep in mind that there are professionals on Facebook, too. It’s all about the type of advertisement you do for that channel, which will make it appropriate.


When done right, influencer marketing is the best way to improve your online reputation. By inviting niche influencers to be a guest or promote your webinar, you’ll be able to build credibility and reach their audience, too.

When reaching out to influencers and possible brand ambassadors, think about why they would want to be part of your webinar. What’s in it for them? Build their ego and make sure they understand the value.


Brands tend to think about webinar marketing as a top of the funnel approach. However, the modern webinar is all about engagement, which includes lead nurturing. An interactive experience done through social media provides you with actionable information about your soon-to-be prospects.

When you are building buzz around your webinar, have a contest and include a branded hashtag. This is an excellent way to create some personality to your brand’s webinar by doing something fun and creative.

For example, I love having quizzes for webinars. It’s a way to establish gaps in your audience’s knowledge and to make sure your content is going to provide value. The quiz contest will enable fans to submit their answers and you to pick a winner.

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones owns Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC ℠, and she believes in having an integrated marketing approach, incorporating strategy, digital, copywriting and communications.
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