There is a part of your brain that makes decisions quicker than your rational thought. Marketers must understand this to be truly successful.

Neuromarketing is defined as the neuroscience used in marketing. For example, marketers use different methods for targeting an audience based on brain processes. The methods are used to predict how a target audience will respond to a marketing deliverable.

Companies all over the world use neuromarketing, such as Google, Hyundai, Disney and many more. Neuromarketing gives you the path to understanding the mind of a target audience. Therefore, it will help you to sell more of a product or service by connecting with the viewer’s mind. It’s used to trick the audience into feeling something for the brand.

The use of neuromarketing is everywhere. To learn more, listen to Ashley Jones speak in this podcast:

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones owns Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC ℠, and she believes in having an integrated marketing approach, incorporating strategy, digital, copywriting and communications.
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