Integrated marketing requires a balance between science and the art of marketing. While marketers understand the skills needed to perform their job, they don’t always know how the other marketing disciplines fit together. Furthermore, while learning about new technologies, it’s important for marketers to take theoretical concepts and incorporate them into practical situations, thereby understanding the human element of a marketing campaign.

When marketers truly understand the company, their audience and the bigger picture, they can think strategically about what is needed to effectively market. With all the marketing messages out there, an integrated approach is essential to relay a consistent brand message. However, making it memorable is going to be a challenge, which is why an omni-channel approach is essential. This is where marketers must understand all the elements to be able to see what is possible for meeting the demands of today’s audiences.

Consumers can get what they need instantly. Therefore, they expect on-demand and personalized responses when they are looking for answers to their problems. That is why marketers must look at their messages as solving problems. Marketing is no longer the make it pretty department for sales. They are now the creative problem solvers.


With the 21st century approaching, creative ideas are going to be what sets marketers apart from each other as more and more technologies get introduced into society. It is crucial for businesses to think of creative ways to showcase their competitive advantages. This type of thinking can lead to the implementation of innovation in the workplace.

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. With artificial intelligence and automation, marketers can now take the time to really invest in developing their creative minds. In order to provide audience members with an integrated experience, marketers are going to need to understand omnichannel marketing to create something that is memorable.

An omni-channel approach is different than a multi-channel approach as it inter-relates every channel to engage with audience members. Omni-channel marketers are consistent in producing the same experience and messaging through each channel. A consistent message ensures a clear understanding of the brand’s story.

Creativity using storytelling will help brands to build that memorable experience. Most people remember stories and how it relates to them. Storytelling has been used to command attention and impart information. The growth of audience engagement and personalization is not storytelling; rather, storytelling creates a narrative to demonstrate what the brand represents.

Marketers must understand how all the channels work together. A brand will have a hard time keeping up with customer trends if they do not have the right kind of marketers. Therefore, it is essential to make sure marketers are well-rounded and well-versed in all disciplines to execute campaigns that utilize omni-channel marketing in a relatable way. They need to understand the complete picture that data is presenting and not just a small, static piece of data.

The changes happening in society redefine the nature of creativity in marketing. The measurement in marketing is the value of the output, thinking more like innovators and less like advertisers. It’s important to engage and understand the buyer’s journey while using dynamic data to make decisions. For more information on the future marketer, download the below e-book.