Google’s update in May has everyone in the digital world going crazy. While SEO is largely about content, this update focuses more on the technical aspect. Because of this, many businesses are unable to keep up with the requirements.

Page experience is a major highlight in this update. From site speed to mobile responsiveness, this update is looking at much more. Things that just can’t be changed overnight, such as legacy code and third-party content management systems.

So, before immediately changing your ad account according to Google's recommedations, learn why you should step back and take another look at what they're suggesting.

In this podcast, learn about Ashley Jones' take on this algorithm update. Are businesses going to be able to keep up with all these updates? Before immediately changing your website, learn why you should keep calm.

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones owns Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC ℠, and she believes in having an integrated marketing approach, incorporating strategy, digital, copywriting and communications.
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