It really shouldn’t be a surprise to any Facebook page manager that not as many fans have been viewing and interacting with organic posts. Just like any other platform, Facebook has an algorithm. And while Facebook is very different, almost all of these platforms have one thing in common – quality content.


Facebook began shifting news feed content to being all about the connection with people and less about the ability to consume media. So, the days of relying on your video content for engagement are over. Don’t get me wrong, video still has a place in social media. It’s just not going to help you to rank your content organically, unless you get creative with how you’re distributing it.

As a result, brands must be really looking at what should and shouldn’t be published, such as promotional posts. They also need to get creative with how they use advertising dollars to help them with their organic reach. This is why many industry leaders are saying organic reach on Facebook is dead.

There are four priorities for Facebook when it comes to ranking organic content in its news feed:

  • Content is shared over Messenger.
  • Content is liked or there is a comment.
  • Content receives multiple replies.
  • Content has shares between users.

Do you see a pattern? Facebook is looking for quality content, and Facebook is defining quality by engagement between users and not between the brand.

By now, you know that advertising on Facebook is a must. Facebook says that you should assume organic reach will eventually arrive at zero. Therefore, you should not do your typical advertising type posts, especially if you’re playing the game of probability. Use Facebook advertising as a way to increase engagement with your account overall.


When it comes to making sure loyal fans are being updated, you’re going to need to educate them on how they can stay in touch. Create a fun campaign that will help your audience to stay connected by reminding them where to access your page and where to change their notifications.

This is where video is coming into play, because it can increase your engagement. It’s just not a news feed ranking signal. Visitors are more likely to stop, watch and like a video. Therefore, make sure your fans are seeing this content by getting creative with your distribution. This is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love having video in content marketing campaigns.

Advertise what you’re doing on different platforms to generate buzz. Share authentic content with your video post to attract and interest viewers throughout the campaign. After all, your content campaign should humanize your brand, thereby making it easier to attract social engagement.

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones owns Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC ℠, and she believes in having an integrated marketing approach, incorporating strategy, digital, copywriting and communications.
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